The Bent Lens


They say hindsight is 20/20, but why not look to the future with clarity and style… That’s why for more than 30 years The Bent Lens has been providing optical looks that fit any vibe. From brand name sunglasses to one-of-a-kind frames, we can fit any style in any season.


Proprietor and a 32 year National Certified Optician, Susan Brownell has worked tirelessly to make The Bent Lens the one stop optical boutique where anyone can come in and find the perfect frames to fit their personal style or fit any occasion. Between her and her staffs experience, keen eye for personal style and eyewear industry knowledge, The Bent Lens truly is the original, exclusive, expert in men and women’s eyewear.


Located in Historic downtown Bozeman, Montana The Bent Lens continues to offer something unique to not only Bozeman, but nationwide – that’s eyewear we’re proud of. We offer brands that stand out, brands that set the trends, and brands that give you confidence.


Whether you’re looking for bold, colorful specs, or some geek chics to set the trend – we have you covered.




The Bent Lens is committed to providing exclusive, uncommon, of the moment eyewear and sunglasses with expertise and enthusiasm to our local, national and international clients, even those who haven’t discovered us yet. You’ll find us in historic downtown Bozeman, Montana.We take pride in being educated in the latest frame and lens technology.


We offer our trained expertise in assisting you find that perfect look with honesty and integrity. We probably won’t let you stay in your comfort zone…You don’t always have to wear what you’ve always worn. Trust us!


The Bent Lens understands the value of seeing clearly and the importance of having glasses that are effortless to wear, both inside and outside.  Complete Mission Statement >

Home Try On


Pick any 4 pairs of glasses that you’d like to try on at home - we’ll ship them to you for free! You’ll have 5 days to try on your frames and see what looks best. When you’re finished, simply drop the package in the mail and order your favorite pair.